The complete course, includes Soft Skills, Core Project management and The Engineering Disciplines. 30 modules.

Learn the ‘Soft Skills’ required to be a successful Project Engineer.

Core Project Management subjects clearly explained and supported by actual industry documentation examples.

Understand the Disciplines in sufficient detail to allow you to coorinate their activities and interfaces.

Independent Verification Bodies (Demystified) detailing how verification came into being, each parties’ responsibilities and how you can make your projects […]

A three-video module explaining how Offshore Oil & Gas Installation Accommodation Projects are scoped, designed and constructed.

Understand the wide-ranging roles and responsibilities of a Project Engineer to see if it is for you.

Project Engineer’s never have enough time however this module will allow you to become more effective and efficient with the […]

A step-by-step guide through the structured commissioning process from construction completion through energising systems and final handover to Operations.