Business Process Analysis & Ongoing Support

Our bespoke business process analysis starts with a review of where you have issues in existing processes and where improvement would be valuable to you and your clients. From here we establish the business requirements and initial functional requirements of the selected process, then we assist you to map the working process “Warts and all.”

KANBAN Implementation

As part of the KANBAN implementation process we work with you to:

  • Build a KANBAN board in line with the mapped existing working process.
  • Populate the KANBAN and can bulk import avoiding transposition errors.
  • Provide a KANBAN theory and principles briefing to all stakeholders.
  • Support you through the initial regular meetings to ensure correct understanding and KANBAN behaviours.

Ongoing KANBAN Support

We regularly chair “Retrospectives” with the team as part of the ongoing continuous improvement.

Finally, if required/requested after your team gain experience in the KANBAN process we provide “Super User” training to allow selected team members to act as “KANBAN Masters” supporting and coaching other teams and additional processes.


Interested in KANBAN Implementation?

Please contact us if you have questions that may not be answered or if you would like to arrange an initial call to discuss what we can do for you.