Hybrid Agile Project Management

In simple terms, a Hybrid Agile approach is one that blends the traditional plan-driven principles and practices with Agile (adaptive) principles and practices in the right proportions to fit a given situation.

Hybrid Project Management brings together different aspects of Traditional/Waterfall and Agile methodologies to craft a process that truly fits your team and projects. 

With an Agile-Waterfall hybrid model, you have the flexibility to create your own bespoke process. We help you select the best elements from the Traditional and Agile methodologies, and then train and coach you to use this hybrid set of tools.

The diagram below shows how Traditional waterfall and agile overlap and can either be biased towards traditional or agile or a balanced mixture of the two.

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Hybrid Agile Venn Diagram

Our Hybrid Agile Project Management Approach Utilises A Blend Of:

  • The Traditional Project Management we all know and love.
  • Hybrid Agile Techniques.
  • Business Analysis techniques.
  • Trello KANBAN software and associated "Power Up" applications.

Our Bespoke Business Implementation Process

Our bespoke business process analysis starts with a review of where you have issues in existing processes and where improvement would be valuable to you and your clients. From here we establish the business requirements and initial functional requirements of the selected process, then we assist you to map the working process where we will complete the following actions: 

  • Build a KANBAN board in line with the mapped existing working process.
  • Populate the KANBAN and can bulk import avoiding transposition errors.
  • Provide a KANBAN theory and principles briefing to all stakeholders.
  • Support you through the initial regular meetings to ensure correct understanding and KANBAN behaviours.

Implement Hybrid Agile Processes

Hybrid Agile including KANBAN should be considered for repetitive processes where there are acknowledged issues, a requirement for cycle time reduction, reduced costs, and increased client satisfaction.

During a free initial consultation, we can review your existing work processes and the associated issues and suggest where you can take benefit from Hybrid agile.

Hybrid agile including KANBAN should be implemented on one process at a time to allow teams to gain experience, confidence, and success before expanding to other processes.


Integrate Hybrid Agile Project Management Into Your Business.

We provide initial “KANBAN Master” support to train and coach your team until steady state and then a lighter touch support for the ongoing continuous improvement via KANBAN Retrospectives. Our Super User Trello KANBAN course has circa 6 hours contact time and will enable client to quickly develop, implement and maintain KANBAN boards on their own.

We can also carry out regular KANBAN Process/Board maintenance using data cleansing techniques to ensure your data is accurate and to identify members where additional coaching is required. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

When our bespoke implementation steps are followed most clients see initial improvement in two weeks and significant improvement in six weeks. As this employs Lean Engineering continuous improvement techniques, you will see incremental improvement either from empowered team member initiatives or as output from the structured “Retrospectives”.

As we use your existing working process there is no initial impact. As the team develop experience with the KANBAN board they, themselves, will see parts of the process that add no value and as a team will agree for iteratively modify and improve the process.

Hybrid Agile is not a software package. It is a structured implementation of traditional and agile project management techniques selected and configured for your particular processes.

Please contact us if you have any Hybrid Agile Project Management questions that may not be answered in our FAQ’s.