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The Project Engineer's Toolkit - Online Courses for Project Engineers

The Project Engineer’s Toolkit is a comprehensive online course for aspiring and early career Project Engineers which contains the core knowledge and competencies required to be a skilled Project Engineer. The course can be taken as three separate courses; Soft Skills, Core Project Management and The Engineering Disciplines or as a bundle with a 20% price discount. Also explore our Free Courses for Project Engineers for an introduction to our learning hub and our Advanced Modules for Project Engineers which offer specialist courses for continued development. 

The complete Project Engineer’s Toolkit course, includes Soft Skills, Core Project Management & The Engineering Disciplines.

31 modules.

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Learn the ‘Soft Skills’ required to be a successful Project Engineer such as delegation, time management and presentations.

9 Modules.

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Core Project Management subjects clearly explained and supported by actual industry documentation examples.

8 Modules.

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Understand the Disciplines in sufficient detail to allow you to coordinate their activities and interfaces.

14 Modules.

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Free Short Courses

As an introduction to our Project Engineer’s Toolkit Courses and learning hub we have provided 3 free modules from the 31 module course. The introductory lessons are from the Soft Skills and The Engineering Disciplines courses. Explore our free online courses for Project Engineers.

  • What a Project Engineer Does
  • Time Management
  • Commissioning
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Continued Development

Advanced Modules

We have collaborated with industry experts to produce the following specialist modules and can, if there is sufficient interest, produce additional modules on specialist subjects via our network of industry experts. Explore our advanced modules for Project Engineers.

  • Independent Verification Bodies (Demystified)
  • Offshore Accommodation Projects 
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