1 to 1 Coaching

Coaching Overview

We offer confidential “one to one” coaching for Project Engineers, Project Managers and Graduate Project Engineers in any area covered in Cranston Engineering Services. Our team has extensive experience across the entire spectrum from mentoring graduates as part of their CPD to providing a confidential “sounding board” for Senior Project Engineers & Project Managers.

Our coaching practices follows a hybrid mixture of the GROW and OSKAR techniques from which we have developed our own coaches guidelines.

Coaching Process and Expected Outcomes

Our coaching for Project Engineers is bespoke however most sessions start with an information gathering exercise on your qualifications and just as importantly work/life experiences. This is followed by an evaluation of your perceived competence in each of the areas we cover in our Project Engineer’s toolkit.

Based on this evaluation we will then help you to establish short, medium  and long term career goals and the required actions to move towards them. During the coaching process we will assist you in addressing issues that are impeding your career development.

1 to 1 Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

A complementary free 1-hour coaching session is provided with each purchased bundle of the complete toolkit.

In line with the GROW coaching guidelines, to take the most benefit, we suggest that a batch of six sessions are taken with a session every two weeks.

We will cover the issues that are most challenging to you in your work and will assist you in framing the issues and in generating constructive actions to address the issues. At times we may suggest actions/approaches, based on our extensive experience.

Please contact us if you have questions about Cranston Engineering Ltd. 1 to 1 Coaching that may not be answered in our FAQ’s.