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An experienced Project Manager and Agile Coach providing guidance, mentoring and coaching to multiple cross-functional teams in different countries. Veronica is the co-author of the online course for Agile leaders.

Qualifications & Experience

Veronica Delozari is a Professional Scrum Master, PSM I, passing certification exam in 2020. 

Holder of Certified Agile Leader credential, CAL I, 2019, Kanban System Design certificate, 2020, and Kanban System Improvement certificate, 2021.

Veronica graduated with a degree in Economics and holds a post-graduate diploma in Marketing. She is a certified Business Coach and Team Coach and holds a certificate in the Organisational Development in Gestalt Approach.

During the last 15 years Veronica’s roles have included Agile Coach, Project Manager, General Project Manager, Marketing & Communications Executive providing leadership to startups and big international companies within the industries of education, training and professional services.

Veronica was born in Georgia, lived in Russia, worked in Estonia and now lives in Aberdeen, Scotland. She has been working in an international environment for over 20 years, communicating effectively with people from different countries and different levels of management. 

Was responsible for implementation of the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) system within a team of up to 100 people, spread across 2 countries and 5 cities. 

Personal Interests & Volunteering

Veronica enjoys travelling, hiking and rock climbing. Has been active in volunteering roles with a number of educational projects for children and young adults as a guest teacher and project coordinator. Organised summer camps and educational trips for families with kids.

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