Just wanted to share a new Project Management AI tool, PMI Infinity, that I have been trialing for a month. I am initially very cautious especially w.r.t new AI and all the associated hype but am pleased to advise that my initial findings are that the Project Management Institutes Infinity Project Management resource is a useful tool for both developing and experienced Project Engineers/Project managers.

It is currently a Chat GPT 3.5 based resource that has been trained on the huge PMI resources including PMI standards Guides, Courses and its extensive library plus other external academic PM content. I was also pleased to find out that it is not limited to PMI resources and has access to the complete internet data as per GPT 3.5.

I have tried out prompts or a range of issues both “hard” and  “soft” including:

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of Hybrid Agile
  • How to manage stress and increase morale within a project team
  • Provide a detailed WBS for a new motorway
  • Give me an itinerary for a 10-day road trip Vancouver to Calgary

The system also includes guided experiences to introduce the newbie to preparing suitable prompts.

Further to a webinar by the PMI Head of Innovation Ranjith Nair yesterday we were advised that discussions are ongoing to allow other PM organizations to use the resource plus a soon to be implemented migration to Chat GPT4 Turbo which will significantly increase capabilities.

Finally, PMI infinity is available free to all PMI members worldwide. It should be noted that PMI membership is $139 annually which compares favorably to Chat GPT 4 general access which is currently $240/annum. Check out the Project Management Institute

Looking forward to more utilization of this tool as it develops and improves with the caution that you still need to sense check and validate AI output using experience and common sense.